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A preliminary edition of the Newsletter (which for website purposes has been allocated the number 00) was edited and published by the Society’s Hon. Secretary, Stephen Marks, in February 1975.  Subsequently, it has been published biannually with copies being sent to members.

Initially, it was a four-page folded sheet of cream paper, the same size as our present publication; occasionally it appeared as a single sheet and sometimes six, but four was the usual number. Throughout, the Newsletter’s content has been a mixture of news, articles and reviews, much as it still is, although there were no illustrations until 1989. No 29, published in November 1989, was the first to use the present layout design and photos. Colour illustrations were introduced in November 2016 (No 83) when the Newsletter was printed on a glossy paper to allow for better reproduction.

Stephen Marks continued as the editor up to edition No 28 in May 1989, when he handed over the reins to Penny Hunting, the Society’s current Chairman. No 29 was the first to have the circular design for the title and consisted of 12 pages and included some maps and photos which set a new pattern. The late Denise Silvester-Carr took over editorial duties from May 2004 when Penny Hunting became Chairman, Denise being succeeded by our current editor Bridget Cherry in May 2008 (No 66).

  • A detailed Index by Simon Morris covers the period up to No 49 in 1999.  Please click here to download and read.
  • A second Index by Simon Morris covers the period 2000-2021, Nos 50-93.  Please click here to download and read
  • Digitised versions from February 1975 onwards are available below. Thanks to a most generous allocation of his time and expertise, Society member John Causer digitised all issues of the Newsletter from the first (No 00) up to No 73.  They make for fascinating reading.

A drop-down Contents menu is available for each newsletter – just hover over the newsletter number to see what’s in it. 

We are also slowly introducing flipbook versions of the newsletters starting with Nos 97 & 98.  Click on the book logo to open.

Copies of our Annual Reports and Accounts for the past five years can be found on the Charity Commission website.