London Topographical Record II

ed. T. F. Ordish


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[This publication has been digitised and is made available through the Internet Archive.  Click here to read: click on the arrows or pages to turn the pages]

  • Address at the Fourth Annual Meeting by Lord Rosebury   1
  • An Autograph Plan of Wren by Walter L. Spiers   23
  • Some Demolitions in 1901, 1902 by J.P. Emslie   27
  • The Church of the Friars Minors and the Site of Christ’s Hospital by E.B.S. Shepherd   29
  • London Buildings Photographed 1860-1870 by Philip Norman  36
  • Notes on Norden and his Map of London by H.B. Wheatley   42
  • Pepy’s London Collection by W.R.Lethaby  66
  • Signs of Old London by F.G Hilton Price  70
  • Hollar’s Map (1) by W.R. Lethaby  109
  • Hollar’s Map (2) by Rhys Jenkyns   110
  • Note on Illustration of the Globe Theatre in 1610 by T. Fairman Ordish   112
Publication no: 013
Format: quarter cloth
Publication date: 1903
Size: 15 × 23 cm