London Topographical Record, VII

ed. H. G. Head

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  • Lanesborough House by Col. W.F. Prideaux   1
  • The Monuments in Westminster Abbey by Lord Eversley   5
  • Earliest Westminster by W.R. Lethaby  21
  • View of the palace of Whitehall from the River, 1683 by Walter L. Spiers  26
  • Shakespeare at Whitehall by Ernest Law   31
  • Situation of the Cockpit by Lord Welby  48
  • Speech on Whitehall by Lord Rosebery  52
  • Explanation of the Plan of Whitehall by Walter L. Spiers  56
  • Stratford Place by Arthur T. Bolton  78
  • Eleventh Annual Report of the Council   73
  • Twelfth Annual Report of the Council   79
  • Obituary: Alexander Graham FSA   85


Publication no: 028
Format: quarter cloth
Publication date: 1912
Size: 15 × 23 cm