London Topographical Record, XXXII

ed. Sheila O’Connell

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Contains essays on:

  • From the King’s Bridge to Black Rod’s Stairs: The Palace of Westminster and the Thames, 1189–2021 by Elizabeth Hallam Smith
  • From Asselyne’s Wharf  to Wiggins’ Key, or, Whatever Happened to Browne’s Place? by Vanessa Harding
  • A School Estate in Southwark over Four Centuries by David Elis-Williams
  • William Hole’s Map of the Finsbury Fields Archery Marks and Their Names by Malcolm Jones
  • Who Hid the Cheapside Hoard? A Goldsmiths’ Row Mystery Resolved by Rosemary Weinstein
  • Muddy Fields, Litigation, Disputes and Ditches: The Story of a Site at Roger Street, Camden by Guy Thompson and Amelia Fairman
  • Edward Jerman and Great Winchester Street by Dorian Gerhold
  • Who Owned the City of London in 1666? by Ian Doolittle
  • Jan Kip’s Bird’s-Eye Prospect of Westminster and London by Richard Stephens
  • After the War … by Ann Saunders
  • Iain Stuart Bain: An Obituary by Nigel Tattersfield
  • Denise Silvester Carr: An Obituary by Ann Saunders with Roger Cline and Jeannette Hyde
  • Stephen Croad: An Obituary by Ann Saunders and Peter Guillery
  • Ralph Hyde: An Obituary by Peter Barber
  • Stephen Powys Marks: An Obituary by Bridget Cherry and Patrick Frazer
  • Ann Saunders: An Obituary by Caroline Barron
  • Elspeth Veale: An Obituary by Caroline Barron
  • David Webb: An Obituary by Simon Morris
Publication no: 184
Format: Hardback
Pages: 379
Publication date: 2021
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