The A to Z of Victorian London

with notes by Ralph Hyde. Published concurrently by the Society and Harry Margary in association with Guildhall Library.

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In the days before Google maps, without an A-Z most people – even Cockneys – could get lost in London.  The A-Z of Victorian London enables readers to find their way around the streets of London as it was about 130 years ago.  It consists of 59 map sheets from Bacon’s New Large-Scale Ordnance Atlas of London & Suburbs which appeared in 1888. The area covered reaches to Mill Hill in the north, Chislehurst and New Bromley to the south, Abbey Wood to the east and Southall to the west, thus taking in the greater part of today’s suburbia.  Two complete maps are included comprising 34 map sheets covering the central area and 25 covering the wider area.

Publication no: 136
Format: Linson, uniform with 122
Pages: 140
Publication date: 1987
Size: 22 × 31 cm
Weight: 883g