The London Surveys of Ralph Treswell

ed. By John Schofield, illustrated with all of Treswell’s London plans

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The pictorial surveys of Ralph Treswell (c.1540-1616) have only been partly published and never assessed.  In this publication you will find drawn and written descriptions of a large corpus of Elizabethian and Jacobean houses in the capital; from courtyard mansions to tenements in back alleys.  The study is illustrated by black-and-white and colour reproductions of the surveys and is an invaluable source of information for topographers, architects, students of vernacular architecture and anyone interested in London’s urban fabric before the Great Fire of 1666.

Publication no: 135
Format: Paperback: 2nd edition
Pages: 173
Publication date: 1987
Size: 23 × 28 cm
Weight: 771g