Thomas Milne’s Land Use Map of London and Environs in 1800 (LTS 118 & 119)

with an introduction by Dr G. B. G. Bull

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Thomas Milne’s map is hand-coloured and engraved map of the London area bearing the title “Milne’s Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, circumjacent Towns and Parishes Etc. laid down from a Trigonometrical Survey taken in the Years 1795-9”.  The map, on a scale of two inches to a mile, was engraved on six plates covering an area of about 260 square miles extending from the Harrow Weald to Woodford and from Hampton-on-Thames to Sundridge Park.  The map records the use of each field by means of an overpainted colour.

Publication no: 119 & 118
Format: north and south sections each on 3 sheets+ 6 sheets in folder
Pages: 6
Publication date: 1975-76
Size: 103 × 51 cm
Weight: 1005g